Book Reviews

Review Policy for Books
All books that I review will be posted on this blog, Goodreads, Amazon and on others sites as requested if book was provided for review.
If I am providing a review for a book that I received for promotion I will indicate that within the post.  It will not change my opinion of the piece.

I am not a professional book reviewer; this is strictly for the enrichment and reflection of my reading and writing journey.  However, I will read books in the category’s that are provided to me by kindle, e-book, Smash Words or traditional tangible copy.

When I receive the book I will give the provider a definite time frame for when they can expect a review to post. On occasions I will participate in Book Tours and they take precedent over other books. 

I will give my honest review of the book and I will be polite considerate and respectful….. Key honest.
Books I Like to Read
Fantasy (ex. Lord of the Ring), Christian Fiction, Memoirs, YA Fiction, Self-Help Books, Children’s Books, Cookbooks, Inspirational, General Fiction ***
***No Erotica, Romance, extreme vulgarity or obscenity.  (Some obscenity and vulgarity is necessary for the plot ex. The Color Purple).   No Science Fiction.

Rating System for Books





5 stars - I will read this book again it is that good
4 stars-Nice read, highly recommend.

3 stars - Okay read no real complaint just did not stand out to me.
2 stars - Not my cup of coffee. However it may stick with the right person.
1 star - I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone. (or I couldn’t even finish it)

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