Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why African American Homeschool Network?

Yesterday, I had an on-line conversation with one of my many virtual friends.  She asked me why an "African American Homeschool Network"?

So I was kind of taken back for a moment without words… and that disturbed me because I am seldomly free from thoughts or words.  I wish I had more moments like that.  Maybe I will really give mediation a try.  Anyhow less I digress anymore.  

The point that I was getting at is that I created a network for African American (bi-racial families and other ethnic minorities) because I couldn't find one.  I mean there are as many types of homeschool Networks as there are homeschool methods, styles, religions etc.  Why no network for this specific group to which I belong.  This is not to take away from the many on-line groups that I belong to because without the vast resources, advice and just encouragement that I get from them; I would not trade for the world.