Monday, July 22, 2013

What's In My Home School Binder?

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It's almost time for the new school year to start and I just finished with most of my planning. I have created a binder to keep me organized and focused.  I will share more about how I'm using this note book at a latter date.  For now Let's talk about what's in my homeschool binder.

First of all I went and got a  2" binder, two packs of five count tab dividers and grabbed my  Dymo Personal Label Maker.  Then I collected all of the various free organizational and planning tools that I've come across over the last few months.  I narrowed it down to what I would actually use and keep up to date.  I didn't want a book full of pages that I may or may not use so I have a "custom" binder.  In addition to my great FREE FINDS I created documents as I needed them. 

So take a look at whats inside my Homeschool Binder:

Section I: Inspiration

In this section I will place things that I find that are inspiring and that I can turn to and reminds me of why I'm doing all of this.  Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.  I will keep a copy of my families Homeschool Mission Statement.  You can find these great documents:

Section II:  Administrative Documents

In  this section I will keep any verifications that I need from the District.My  goals and objectives for the year and any records that I need to keep such as attendance and calendars.  You can find some of these great documents:

Section III:  Curriculum

In  this section I placed my forms to help me organize what Curriculum Resources I will use:

Section IV:  Assessments and Progress Reports
In this section I will keep any assessment forms or progress Reports taht I may use for my own records.  You can find a few at the following site 

 Section V:  Lists for Organization

  In this section I placed list to use for organization and tracking.  You can find these documents    below:

Section VI: Schedules

In this section I placed schedules for myself and the children.  You can find the form below:

Section VII:  Lesson Plans

In this section I place my Lesson Planning Pages, I will be using forms that I created myself or that I found at the sites below:

Section VIII: Daily Plans
A place for a daily to-do-list.

Personal Daily Plans for Mom  

Section VIIII:  Journal
A place to jot down notes.

Section X: Miscellaneous

A place for everything else

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